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TMO Colombia – Your Source for Colombian Coffee

TMO Colombia is a medium size coffee exporter specialized in premium traceable coffee and specialty micro lots. Founded in 2012, over the past 5 years this Colombian organization has grown from modest sourcing office to supplying quality coffee many countries globally. TMO has expanded infrastructure step by step, and now controls the full supply chain from farm house to final export product. TMO is proud the Medellín Mill in construction, and the international Team running the operation.

Sourcing service

TMO works closely with small farmers, associations and cooperatives always focusing on a personal relationships, paying fair prices and supplying full traceability. The large network of producers, allows for access to qualitative economic blends, but also single farm micro lots.

Throughout 2018 & 2019, TMO Colombia will be opening up small buying stations in strategic locations in Huila & Antioquia. By establishing access points in small coffee communities and cupping the daily entering smallholder lots, we can guarantee supply of quality coffee. 




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Milling service (Starting July)

Quality and sustainability are the main focal points of TMO Colombia, this is why we have decided to take control over the supply chain from farmer to finished export product.

TMO has it’s own processing plant ‘Dry Mill’ where we analyse parchment, mill, clean, select and package all coffee for export. The Medellín Mill is equipped with state of the art machines from Brazil and Italy. Equipment that can handle both volume and small batch processing.



Export & Import service

TMO is an established Colombian exporter, with over 5 years of experience in preparing documentation, and proving strict quality control for export. We work to the highest quality standards and can arrange any required preparation. Packaging options include GrainPro and Vacuum.

At the end of the supply chain we work closely together with our partners and clients. We can provide import services into the US and Europe, allowing roasters to focus on their core business. Additional services incl. pre-financing & quality control. Our aim is to tailor quality, preparation and logistics to the customers need.




Access point for Social Impact

We have initiated several projects to stimulate the development of small groups of producers in various regions of Colombia. And we’re always on the lookout for new projects. You’re invited to participate in these projects in any way you like. By paying an inclusive coffee price, or personally visit a project and help building washing stations for instance.

Currently we are working toward the use of ‘blockchain’ based traceability system that will be in place from January 2019. A new stepping stone towards complete traceability.


Intersted in our services? Visiting Medellin? You’re always welcome to contact us, or drop by in the Mill. Visiting roasters or buyers can cup with us in our quality lab where we do cuppings on a daily basis.

For Sourcing write to Stephen (stephen[at]

For Exports write to Jeisson-Felipe (felipe[at]

And for general enquiries write to Ronald (ronald[at]